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Beneath Oceans Deep and Wide

Mollusks in motion slowly stride


Queen, their beauty rightly named

Formed with shells protective frame.


Became bottom consumers of creation

Hardy protein for Carib nations


Though they remain in jeopardy

Resilience is its’ legacy.


Transforming grains in its’ world

Irritation fashions a beautiful pearl


Shades of color rich and true

Harvested power, gains anew.


Our mission is to Empower and Enrich the lives of our  girls and women through Encouragement, Education, Training and by example while serving in the community.

Stay Updated


We host and support numerous events in the community throughout the year.  Included are the Douglas County Cultural Arts Center, F.I.T. for the Future, Hope House, Goodwill, the American Red Cross, Unity in the Community, the Douglas County Connection, The Civil and Human Rights Museum in downtown Atlanta, Year of the Girl workshop participants, Word of Faith Annual Health Fair, Douglas County Community Action Council and Douglas County September Saturdays' .


These events help our organization to expand their knowledge in culture and leadership.


Click the "Events" button to view the Rare Pearls recent, current and future activities. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are a 501c3 non-proft organization.  Our primary source of funding is through personal and corporate sponsors.  Please consider donating (any amount) to the Rare Pearls organization.  you may  choose any level listed on our sponsorship page. 


In addition to financial donations we also appreciate 'in-kind' donations of printing services for Rare Pearls brochures, flyers, tickets, business cards, major fund-raising souvenir programs, laptops, etc. Click the "Sponsorshp" button to learn more about these opportunities.

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